The EBM duo Spetsnaz was formed in Örebro, Sweden in the autumn of 2001 by Stefan Nilsson and Pontus Stålberg. After many years in different musical projects, both separately and together, they decided it was time to join forces for an EBM project. Through the whole 90´s it seemed like the EBM genre faded away and the music turned into a more technoish style with a lack of the components that used to be classic EBM. This void needed to be filled and the first demo took form from that.

With the first liveshow in the summer of 2002 and the demo being spread, things started to move for Spetsnaz. In early 2003 the band was signed to the Swedish label SubSpace Communications and by the time that the first album Grand Design was released in Scandinavia, Spetsnaz had already played shows in Sweden, Germany and Mexico. In 2004 the album Grand Design: Redesigned came for the rest of the world via the German label Out of Line. Hit tracks like the title track 'Grand Design' and 'On the Edge' started to spin in clubs where ever there where EBM fans to be found and at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig that year the band made their first bigger appearance and also started to reach a wider audience. In the autumn the EP Perfect Body saw the daylight with the monster hit Apathy and Spetsnaz went on a major tour supporting the label friends and industrial legends Hocico from Mexico. The live shows from the band started to be known as energetic and intense experience and in 2005 they entered WGT again and this time filled the main stage Agra Halle. The band and the EBM scene was back in its full power and by German music magazines they where called the engine in the new EBM wave.

The hit single Degenerate Ones came out later 2005 followed up by the awaited album Totalitär in 2006. After all shows in Europe on festivals and clubs the band got more festival shows and also went on their own first German tour. The album Totalitär played out all of the group´s strengths and took their unique monotone and melodic style of EBM to a higher level and worldwide critical acclaim and praise. After the tour the album was followed up by the limited single Hardcore Hooligans, which provided an energetic outlook to where Spetsnaz will be heading on their next album. In the autumn of 2007 the third full length album DeadPan was released. Tracks like 'Allegiance' and 'Faustpakt' filled the dancefloors in electronic music clubs and the band went on yet another tour and this time also a six week tour in the United States. Spetsnaz had grown to fill venues on two continents on our planet.

Five years of silence with only sporadic club and festival shows it´s now time for the fourth full length album from the Swedish duo. The long awaited album titled For Generations to Come was released spring 2013. Electronic body music that still will move people around on dance floors, yet another example of the diversity and strength of the bands musical skills. Pounding basses with a lot of melody in the voices and instruments and as always with something to be pointed out in the texts.

The bands earlier carrier moved them from venues in the home of Scandinavia in the north and as far south as Mexico, from Los Angeles in the west to Moscow in the east. Now we wait and see where For Generations to come will take the band on their journey in world of music. If Spetsnaz used to be the leader of the new EBM wave, they for sure still are.

BodyBeats Belgium invited Spetnaz several times to Belgium to play their events but until now, they never made it to our BIMFEST! So now, on general demand … They are here! So don't miss out!