In 1986 a lot of new things were happening in Belgian music. A new scene created opportunities for young bands who wanted to try something new and something els ... One of these bands was The Arch. Their music was an original mixture of EBM and guitars. The Arch sent their first demo, “Revenge Revival”, to Dirk Ivens’s Body Records (Pre-Daft Records) and the track appeared on the compilation “Expo ‘87”. The renowned Belgian producer Ludo Camberlin (Who produced bands like A Split Second and The Neon Judgement ... to name a few) immediately felt the potential of the band and released their first EP “As Quiet As...” on Anything But Records.
Soon it was clear The Arch had to focus abroad where their music was called “crossover”. There were gigs in Holland, Germany and former Yugoslavia and their music appeared in alternative hit parades all over the world. After having released 6 records it became a little bit quieter ... While in Germany 2 compilation albums were released.

The Arch continued to create new music and their sound continued to evolve. A brand-new album, “Engine in Void” was released on the German label Echozone, and everything went in the fast lane again : in 2012 there were gigs in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Spain and Hungary.

On BIMFEST The Arch will present a brand new album and play some of their classic tunes ofcourse!

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