Jug·ger·naut > [juhg-er-nawt, -not]

1. A literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable, an unstoppable antagonist, an unbeatable opponent!

2. A large, overpowering, destructive force or object, one that destroys or that demands complete self-sacrifice.

3. A crude idol of Krishna worshiped at Puri and throughout Orissa and Bengal. At an annual festival the idol is wheeled through the town on a gigantic chariot and devotees are supposed to have formerly thrown themselves under the wheels.

The Juggernauts is the project of BORG (aka Peter Mastbooms, who is, among other things, a member of the live line-up of The Klinik) and is mixed & co-produced by Glenn Keteleer. Only a few hours after the two teamed up at their first song 'Phoenix' was already blasting from the studio speakers. The track was picked-up almost immediately by one of Germany's leading labels Out Of Line, who featured the track on their 'Awake The Machines 7' compilation album in July 2011. In 2012 Out Of Line asked for another song, this time for the renown compilation series Machineries Of Joy .The track 'Damaged Illusions' was selected to feature on the 5th 'Machineries Of Joy' volume.

Gig requests from all over Europe came in and brought the band to play the most renowend festivals even before their first EP was released.

A name like The Juggernauts invokes images of power, of a massive force of bass and beats, of ground-shattering Electro-sounds.

Their debut EP “Phoenix” (2013) proved the band to be one of the most anticipated newcomers in the electro/EBM scene, delivering the goods in spades! This Belgian band fuses minimal, rhythm and bass driven structures of Electronic Body Music with a more aggressive and modern approach, to overwhelming results. The EP virtually sold out within a year while title track 'Phoenix' and 'Infected' became a relentless floor fillers.

Meanwhile the band played countless clubshows and festivals like M'era Luna (Hildesheim,D), Rewind (Ghent, B) Familientreffen x 2(Sanderleben, D), Nordstern (Hamburg, D), Industrial Booom (Budapest, HU) Out Of Line weekender x 2 (Berlin), Kalabalik (Alvesta, SE), BodyFest (Stockholm, SE), Amphi (Köln, D), WGT (Leipzig,D), Eurorock (Neerpelt, B) ...

Work on their first full album is in progress ...

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