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The first names of BIMFEST 2016 revealed! BIMFEST moves to De Casino! Early Bird ticket sales started!

The first names of BIMFEST 2016 revealed! BIMFEST moves to De Casino! Early Bird ticket sales started!

Yes we are happy to announce to you our first names for BIMFEST 2016!
Since it will be our 15the edition we will turn it in a very special anneversary edition!

BIMFEST is moving!!!
As the people from the De Casiono are trying to pursuade us for some years now, we made up our minds and decide to give it a go at their fantastic venue!
So be aware! BIMFEST will not take place in Antwerp as the past 14 years but in SINT-NIKLAAS.

And here are the first BIMFEST XV names!!!

à:GRUMH... Yes, unbelievable but true! À:GRUMH…. is one of those bands that meet all the BIMFEST criteria 100% … Belgian, good, relevant, important, extraordinary and exceptional. Perhaps the name à; GRUMH ... doesn’t sound as familiar to everyone as for example our national pride Front 242, but this band was together with F242 at the cradle of the Belgian Electro, Industrial and EBM (Electronic Body Music) movement in the early 80's.

A SPLIT-SECONDis also one of those legendary pioneers from the early Belgian Wave / EBM scene. People with some musical knowledge will certainly know most of A SPLIT-SECONDS classics such as ‘Flesh’, ‘Rigor Mortis’, ‘Colloseum Crash’ or ‘On Command’.
In fact A SPLIT-SECOND, was also one of those bands that made a spectacular comeback at BIMFEST, and they even did this on our very first edition (2002)! Meanwhile the band continues to play concerts and festivals worldwide were their spectacular and energetic live shows manage to surprise friend and foe every time again!

EX - RZ is what the name already suggests it is... EX-RZ is the 'solo' project of RED ZEBRA frontman and singer Peter Slabbynck. With EX-R this redhead stage animal brings tribute to Red Zebra and their fans. EX-RZ performs those New Wave classic anthems as ‘Can’t Live In A Living Room,’ ‘The Art Of Conversation’ and ‘Polar Club’ with fire and exactly as you remember them! EX-RZ is punk, EX-R is New Wave, EX-RZ is a genuine BIMFEST must! Maybe we ‘Can't Live In A Living Room', … but we will can party as hell on BIMFEST XV!

SIGNAL AOUT '42, or SA42, is the musical project from and around producer and singer Jacky Meurisse. Founded originally as 'Signal' in the early 80’s, they changed the name to SA42 with the release of their first 12" maxi-singles. ‘Pleasure And Crimes’ and 'Girls Of Flanders’ (1986) were both almost immediate club hits and dance floor fillers around the world. Their 12"s and club hits kept coming until 1993. Then, after a hiatus of more than 10 years, SA42 stroke back again with regular and qualitative releases on the renowned German alternative label Out Of Line Records. It’s indisputable, SA42 still for top notch dark but danceable Electro / EBM!

Check-in and share our Facebook event here!


So order your Early Bird Ticket now and save up to € 20/ticket (*)
(*) on the boxoffice day prices)

More info & tickets on the link below!

ŕ;GRUMH... to play BIMFEST 2016

ŕ;GRUMH... to play BIMFEST 2016

Yes thats right! à;GRUMH... has chosen BIMFEST 2016 for their one-and-only reunion show ever!

"This will be a unique “one of a kind” performance from à;GRUMH… in the official line-up of the 1986–1988 tours, JΔ3 on vocals, SΔ3 on guitar, keyboards, voices, featuring Joke MàGnussen on guitar and special guests. The concert will reflect the EBM side of à;GRUMH… as well as the ambient/industrial side, and will contain at least one unreleased track. The band plans on using videos and lots of visual “stuff” on stage. Clearly a not G-Rated show!" (www.agrumh.com)

à;GRUMH... will play on the second day of BIMFEST 2016, Saturday 17.12 ! 

IC 434 to replace Posimonova

IC 434 to replace Posimonova

Some good and some bad news reached us today.

First the bad news …

POPSIMONOVA has to cancel her BIMFEST performance due to health issues :(
We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her back on stage soon!

Now the good news …

Belgian dark and harsh electro cult act IC 434 will fill in the void!
IC 434 played BIMFEST the first time in 2005 and his live performances are very rare so don't miss this one!

Website: www.ic434.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IC434 

POPSIMONOVA releases first full album!

POPSIMONOVA releases first full album!

After serveral demo's, collaborations and twelf inches the Croatian producer, composer and songwriter Lana Jastrevski aka Popsimonova has now her first solo album out, Brokedown Palace!

On this album Popsimonova has once again succeeded in combining her mesmerizing female voice with uncompromising musical diversions, like minimal electro, harsh electronics and EBM.

No wonder the result may appeal to fans of Miss Kitten, Anne Clark or even Front 242.

Check out the album teaser below and find out WHY you should not miss POPSIMONOVA's show  at BIMFEST XIV! Popsimonova will play on Friday December 18th 

Honeymoon Cowboys (Ex Siglo XX) first release out now!

Honeymoon Cowboys (Ex Siglo XX) first release out now!

It doesn't happen often that a band releases the recordings of one of their very first concerts as a debuut album but ... Here you are!

The Honeymoon Cowboys "Liberating The West (Live at Eurorock 2015)"

It was on general demand of the fans and all those who were impressed by their stunning debut and festival performance at the Eurorock festival (Neerpelt, Belgium) last spring, that the Honey Moon Cowboys decided to release this live concert recording.

As most of you (should) know by now is that the Honeymoon Cowboys are in fact a spin-off of the legendary Belgian cold wave band Siglo XX, featuring several Siglo XX members.

This live registration proves once again Siglo XX is not dead, but that their atmosphere, sound and spirit lives on, more then ever, in the HONEYMOON COWBOYS!


1 The Sky Turns Blue
2 Power
3 Prison
4 Broken Men
5 The Pain Came
6 No One Is Innocent
7 Sister In The Rain
8 The Art Of War
9 Waiting For A Friend

Track 1 - 4 : Honeymoon Cowboys
Track 5 - 9 : Siglo XX 

To order the album go to their facebook page or come to see them live at our BIMFEST XIV on Friday December 18th @ Zappa - Antwerp - B

Honeymoon Cowboys Youtube channel



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