ā;GRUMH... to play BIMFEST 2016

Yes thats right! à;GRUMH... has chosen BIMFEST 2016 for their one-and-only reunion show ever!

"This will be a unique “one of a kind” performance from à;GRUMH… in the official line-up of the 1986–1988 tours, JΔ3 on vocals, SΔ3 on guitar, keyboards, voices, featuring Joke MàGnussen on guitar and special guests. The concert will reflect the EBM side of à;GRUMH… as well as the ambient/industrial side, and will contain at least one unreleased track. The band plans on using videos and lots of visual “stuff” on stage. Clearly a not G-Rated show!" (www.agrumh.com)

à;GRUMH... will play on the second day of BIMFEST 2016, Saturday 17.12 !