Prada Fashion uses SIGLO XX track for their Autumn / Winter 2016 campaign

The well known fashion house Prada recently released the promovideo for their men's line Autumn / Winter 2016 collection campaign. Besides the nice classy designer clothes there is another pearl hidden in the promo video. The soundtrack playing in the background is from none one less than the Belgian Cold-Wave cult band SIGLO XX

The song 'Individuality' perfectly matches the 80's atmosphere of this Prada campaign.

The single 'Individuality' was taken from SIGLO XX's first release, the 7" single 'Naked and Afraid', recorded and released in 1980. Last year this song ended up a British New-Wave compilation where it was (re)discovered by Prada as the perfect soundtrack for their Autumn / Winter 2016 campaign.

It's has been reported that Prada nicely asked for the band's permission and although it's quest-able if the band will make any money from it, they sees it as an unique opportunity for others to discover the work of Siglo XX.

Although SIGLO XX officially ceased to exist after the release of their last studio album 'Under a Purple Sky'(1989), a reincarnation of the band emerged earlier this year with a stunning live performance at the Eurorock festival as the Honeymoon Cowboys

The Honeymoon Cowboys will play on BIMFEST day 1, Friday December 18th.